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Mineola Memorial Library

physical donations

Items such as books, audio books, or dvds may be accepted after making arrangements with the staff.

The Mineola Memorial Library appreciates the generosity of its patrons willing to share their materials by donating them to the Library.  Donations become the property of the Mineola Memorial Library.

Mineola Memorial Library accepts new or gently used

Hardcover and trade paperback books, typically ranging from 5” x 8” to 6” x 9”

Media materials (DVDs, CDs, audio books) in good condition

Mass market (typically 4.25” x 6.87” pocket size) paperbacks

less than 5 years AND in excellent condition

The Library CAN NOT accept the following materials:

cassette tapes

VHS tapes

Magazines (of any kind)


Mass market (typically 4.25” x 6.87” pocket size) more than 5 years old or that are NOT

in excellent condition

Vinyl records

Damaged or moldy materials (if you wouldn’t have it in your house, do not donate)

Used textbooks

Materials with highlighting or handwriting (except author signed)

Delivering Donations to the Library

No more than 3 boxes per day per family

Do Not place donated materials in the book returns or leave them on porches

Due to limited storage space for materials to be processed, we ask that you adhere to these rules.

If your donation requires assistance to unload or exceeds the three box limit, call the Library

903-569-2767 to see what arrangements might be made.

Donations may be Tax-Deductible

Ask for a letter of receipt that YOU may fill out for tax purposes. The Library staff is not

qualified to determine the value of your donation. It will be up to you to assign a value for tax


What Happens to Donations?

They may be used on the shelves to replace worn copies of items.

They may be used in programs as giveaways or for crafting projects.

They may be sold in either a Library Book Sale or through a third-party source.

Funds received from sales will be used to support the Library.

If the items cannot be used for the Library, programs, giveaways, or crafting,

they will be disposed.

Approved by the Library Board: November 9 2023