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Mineola Memorial Library

physical donations

Items such as books, audio books, or dvds may be accepted after making arrangements with the staff. At this time, we are NOT accepting physical donations.

The Mineola Memorial Library appreciates the generosity of its patrons willing to share their materials by donating them to the Library.  At this time, the Library is not accepting physical donations.

If you would not have any of these items in your home, please, do not bring them to the Library.

Items donated to the Library become the property of the Library.  These items may be used on the shelves to add to the collection or to replace well-loved items.  These items may be used as part of a fundraising effort, shared with other groups, or used for craft activities.  We cannot guarantee your items will be on the shelves.

The Library does not accept donations of magazines, enclycopedias, or textbooks.