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Mineola Memorial Library

Supporting Your Library

How to get involved!


Community volunteers are of special importance to the library.  Without volunteers, we wouldn't be able to offer many valuable services. For example, volunteers fill in when the paid staff attend out-of-town trainings. At pajama storytime visitors read to children.  Local businesses help out by supplying refreshments,  or selling program tickets to special events. Volunteers also lend a hand in training, such as conducting Seniors Computer Classes, Citizenship classes, and even typing handouts for crochet classes.  Local students earn community service hours for college by offering their time to clean, paint, trim bushes and a number of odd jobs.   

There is always something to do if one would like to help out.  The library staff is extremely grateful for all help received!

Friends of the Library

An organized Friends group is an essential validation of the library's vital importance to the community.  The group members' awareness of collections the collections and inner workings of the library is of mutual benefit to the institution and to each member.  Friends raise fund for projects or acquisitions in excess of the library's general budget.  Each friend is a walking public relations vehicle for the library to the community.  Each event, media mention, public activity, or community involvement adds to the library's stature.

The Library Board

Board members are dedicated to raising funds and awareness for the library's future growth.  Listed here are our current members.

Lou Steele - Chairman

Lori Puckett - Vice Chairman

Joyce Ferguson - Treasurer

Carol Hollen -Director

Holly Herring--Director

Calene Miller--Director

Beth Shockey --Director

Sarah Gillogly --Director