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Mineola Memorial Library

Director's Message

Your Library Director Welcomes You
Director's Message

While Governor Abbot has repealed the state mandated wearing of masks, he did leave it up to individual businesses to decide their protocol.  The Mineola Memorial Library has chosen to continue wearing masks and asking our patrons to wear masks as well.  We will continue to practice social distancing, cleaning, and encouraging everyone to stay home if feeling ill.

We have to decided to add curbside service as a permanent part of library services. 

We will continue to clean returned materials and to hold them for a period of time before returning them to the shelves.  Even though this pandemic forced us to do major adjustments into how we clean, we really like some of the results so many aspects will remain part of our duties.

Our hours will remain Tuesday and Thursday 9am to 6pm; Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday 9am to 2pm; and the WiFi is available 6am until 9pm seven days a week.

See you soon!