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Mineola Memorial Library

Director's Message

Your Library Director Welcomes You
Director's Message

It's Restaurant Week in Mineola TX.  What a fun way for Community to Help Community.  By visiting local restaurants, the people of Mineola get to sample some really great dishes and get to see what Mineola has to offer in the way of dining experiences.  The Library benefits by having part of the proceeds from specific items donated to them.  It's a win-win-win:  restaurants have guests--people get to eat great food--the Library benefits through the fundraising. 

See you soon!

Restaurant Week is February 11 to 17, 2024.  Visit our Facebook page for more details.[%7B%22mechanism%22%3A%22surface%22%2C%22surface%22%3A%22groups_highlight_units%22%7D]%2C%22ref_notif_type%22%3Anull%7D