Mineola Memorial Library

Director's Message

Your Library Director Welcomes You
Director's Message

Thank you so much for understanding why we were closed the first week of August and thank you for bearing with us as we found everything and got it all back up and running.

We like the results of our new shelves and new arrangement of furniture and new furniture.  We hope you enjoy it as well.  These things would not be possible without the grants we received from the Tocker Foundation and the Meredith Foundation. 

School has resumed and our programs will soon resume.  Look for After School on Tuesdays beginning September 10, Toddler Time on Wednesday mornings at 10:15, and Baby Bounce on Thursday mornings at 10am. 

The Library Book Club returns on September 19 at 6pm.  September's book is Odd Child Out by Gilly MacMillan.

Hope to see you soon!